Three sizes: 200, 400, 600


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Height-Adjustable Wall Mounts for Interactive Displays





This panel is too tall. This panel is too short.

With ADJUST-A-MOUNT this panel is just right!

  • Our patented ADJUST-A-MOUNT allows 15.7 inches vertical adjustment making the ADJUST-
    A-MOUNT the perfect addition to any panel installation.
  • The ADJUST-A-MOUNT is available in three weight classes allowing for panels from 37 inches
    to 90 inches, (50 to 198 Lbs.). 
  • Smooth Height Adjustment allows for any desired display position with 15.7 inches (400 mm) of vertical travel.
  • Match the ADJUST-A-MOUNT to the weight of your panel. With a simple turn of a bolt and included mount make attaching the panel to the mount as simple as hanging a picture.

Weight Based Design

Easily accommodates the different weights of displays.

Keyhole Pattern

Easy and quick installation.

Compact Design

Allows the mount to hide behind the screen when not in use.

Weight Classes